Artist Statement 

How does a woman develop her sense of subjectivity and identity? My work is a response to this question and investigates the incessant images of women that are disseminated through the mass media. The products women are expected to acquire and consume become an integral part of who they are. In my collages, concealer goblets and fabric replace my “creature’s” hands, inhibiting movement and fine motor skills. These products, and the expectations they communicate, negatively impact how women view and construct their own identities. My work directly engages the issues of beauty, sexuality, exploitation and complicity that are affecting young women and their social development more than ever before.

Through collage I seek to convey how women experience both physical scrutiny and the treatment of the female body as a series of fragmented forms. Towards this end, I appropriate an image from the realm of mass culture, and then dismantle and redefine it. I alter the messages conveyed through these images, thereby exposing the violent and aggressive messages conveyed through the mass media. In doing so, my work serves as a tool to explore recognition and resistance.