Digital Collage

I am very excited to be exploring the world of digital collage lately! The possibilities are endless and there is so much freedom that comes with this new medium...The ability to multiply layers, undo an edit, access unlimited photos...Lets just say I am loving learning the possibilities. Here are some finished collages I have enjoyed making this summer. 








Here is my new piece titled "Elastic". I am enjoying working on this smaller scale, being able to be very deliberate with each segment of the creature.




Elastic, Acrylic and Collage on Panel, 2015, 16 x 20" 

Stripped and Lined

The space around my figures continue to get muddier and less controlled... The negative space also starts to penetrate within the figure. It's exciting to see these new elements appear!

Stripped and Lined

I am thrilled to have finished this in time to submit it to the show RECLAMATION at the Nave Gallery. Here's some info if you are an emerging, female artist interested in submitting!

Yosra Emamizadeh, Vanessa Marcoux, and Cory Munro Shea

"Following in the footsteps of women’s rights leaders, activists, and makers, today’s female artists are reclaiming feminism, reclaiming domesticity, and reclaiming their role as makers and creators. Through art, women are reclaiming their powerful place in society.

The Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA, invites female artists who have been making work professionally or as a student for less than 10 years to submit their work toReclamation, an exhibition that surveys the work of the emerging talent of women artists in New England. The exhibition examines the themes, narratives and perspectives that make artwork by women unique and powerful."



Carbon Dioxide

Here is my new piece Carbon Dioxide. Like Cling for Dear Life, this collage alludes to a sense of place while still remaining mysterious. I experimented with a comb to create this very topographical, scraped surface. The rope and the eye shadow boulders begin to construct an open ended narrative.


Cling for Dear Life

 I have not been able to make much of anything for some time, but lately my mind has been longing for some change, stirring with new ideas... I wanted to alter the background somehow in my work and stray from my previous technique of creating a monster with a lace overlay. I finally ended up creating this piece that alludes to a sense of place, while remaining somewhat ambiguous. 

Hopefully more to come soon! 


  Cling for Dear Life,   Acrylic and Collage on Panel,  2014

Cling for Dear Life, Acrylic and Collage on Panel, 2014

Silent/NOISE featured in Boston Globe

Our reception for Silent/NOISE was a great success, so many friends and family came to support us, as well as other local artists. The mural looked great, and seeing the creature at human scale provoked strong responses. I am going to continue pushing the creature to human scale in the future. Here are some screen shots of the Boston Globe feature!


Silent/NOISE group exhibition

Here is the postcard for my upcoming exhibition! The reception for Silent/NOISE will be held at the Kathryn Shultz Gallery- 25 Lowell St. Cambridge, MA from 5:30-7:30 on Friday October 4th. The show will feature my work, as well as the work of Sydell Masterman, and Astrid Reischwitz. Below is also a link to Cambridge Art Association's blog which features a Q&A with me, along with the Facebook event for Silent/NOISE. Check it out!


 Silent/NOISE Postcard

Silent/NOISE Postcard

Mural and group show

I am having my first group show titled "Silent Noise" with two other very talented women in October at the Kathryn Shultz Gallery, the reception is October 4th! I am attempting to make my first mural for this show which is an exciting/terrifying endeavor. I have adhered my collage to drywall and I will be sending it to be printed as one removable, adhesive image. The background will be the white wall, with the creature being the only subject printed. This is how it looks so far! I will post the exhibition card for "Silent Noise" soon. 



Here is a piece I made about a year ago that I am currently reinventing. It is larger than my current work, about 40 by 30" which is an exciting change. It has a lavish quality about it which reminds me of Kehinde Wiley's paintings, posted below. The lace background has covered the creature here, a new experiment of mine. New messages seem to emerge with this cage/net/mask entwining the monster. We will see where this more active background takes me...

  LL Cool J  Kehinde Wiley, 2005

LL Cool J Kehinde Wiley, 2005