Stripped and Lined

The space around my figures continue to get muddier and less controlled... The negative space also starts to penetrate within the figure. It's exciting to see these new elements appear!

Stripped and Lined

I am thrilled to have finished this in time to submit it to the show RECLAMATION at the Nave Gallery. Here's some info if you are an emerging, female artist interested in submitting!

Yosra Emamizadeh, Vanessa Marcoux, and Cory Munro Shea

"Following in the footsteps of women’s rights leaders, activists, and makers, today’s female artists are reclaiming feminism, reclaiming domesticity, and reclaiming their role as makers and creators. Through art, women are reclaiming their powerful place in society.

The Nave Gallery in Somerville, MA, invites female artists who have been making work professionally or as a student for less than 10 years to submit their work toReclamation, an exhibition that surveys the work of the emerging talent of women artists in New England. The exhibition examines the themes, narratives and perspectives that make artwork by women unique and powerful."